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Website creation: create an e-commerce or showcase website

Creating a website can be a long process. It takes skill, patience, and a deep understanding of both technical and artistic elements. From navigational design to SEO optimization, every detail counts towards a user-friendly and impactful website. As an experienced consultant, I take pride in assisting individuals and businesses alike in website creation.

First up? Navigation. Users should feel confident browsing your site without frustration. An organized layout supports your business objectives and long-term flexibility.

Next up – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without proper implementation, search engines might pass you by altogether. Keyword research, effective metatags, optimized site structure, high page speeds, and mobile responsivity ensure potential customers discover your site during casual internet explorations.

Of course, visual appeal also matters immensely. Graphic chart development captures your essence and aligns users emotionally with your brand. The ultimate goal? Consistent messaging across all channels to enhance customer recognition and loyalty.

Say hello to innovative CMS, CRM, and E-commerce systems too. Various options accommodate diverse client budgets and expectations. My extensive knowledge base cuts down tedious product investigations. Instead of wasting precious time analyzing features yourself, rely on my guidance.

From influencers displaying their work portfolios to merchants marketing products, I specialize in website creation based on specific business sizes, industries, and aspirations. Content management system suggestions span from Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce for optimal compatibility.

My top priority? Ensure an effortless, low-stress client journey. Website creation doesn’t have to cause anxiety when working alongside an experienced consultant committed to personalized care throughout the entire process.

Here below, a few examples of objectives you might have for your new website, which I could help you address and reach.

  • Establish a fist professional and visually appealing online presence for your brand or business
  • Increase your brand/business awareness and visibility
  • Provide information about your products or services
  • Generate leads and conversions
  • Improve search engine rankings and visibility
  • Build a loyal customer base and increase customer retention
  • Sell products or services online (e-commerce)
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry or niche
  • Have a full portal with links to all your digital touchpoints and/or an embedded social media feed (influencers/content creators)

If you want to deep dive into this and discuss your specific needs, feel free to contact me, so that we can schedule a meeting.