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Saïd Moutri

As a tech-savvy e-commerce D2C, e-retail and digital marketing expert with 17+ years of experience, I am passionate about innovation (AI, web3) and any new ways to disrupt the industry.

Rigorous and organized, with a genuine entrepreneur mindset, I like building, exploring, confronting ideas, in order to deliver the most relevant service to my clients.

If you would like to learn more about my experience and skills, please find a short introduction below or just feel free to contact me, for a short call.


As a seasoned professional with 17+ years of experience in the world of E-commerce and digital marketing, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the Luxury industry, including LVMH and Shiseido.

During my time as an International E-Retail Manager at LVMH Fragrance Brands, I had the reponsibility to define a global Indirect E-Commerce vision and strategy for both Givenchy and Kenzo beauty brands. As a global expert and active part of the Commercial Department, I was in charge of defining a distribution strategy and agreement policy, identifying business growth opportunities, elaborating activation plans, and supporting local markets with e-trade plan creation and application. As such, I contibuted to elevate and develop both a global and a local E-Commerce B2B2C expertise. Being performance-driven, I was always been mastering the supervision of all KPIs, by analysing all business achievements for our brands, in order to secure the best performances as possible, and make sure we are on track versus our objectives.

During my 13 years of collaboration with Shiseido group, I had the opportunity to lead both indirect (e-retail) and direct (D2C) e-commerce activities, at global level.

In my role as an EMEA E-Retail Manager, I would define on a yearly and quarterly basis, a global and local activation strategies in collaboration with local markets, for the whole Fragrance portfolio. I had the responsibility to create innovative activation plans, to allow our local teams to negotiate strong e-trade plans with their partners, and help develop their online business and achieve their goals. Whether using Retail media, specific commercial offers, CRM efforts, among other enablers, we would strengthen our partnerships with e-retailers to secure a sane and dynamic online business. To ensure best performances, I was also in charge of consolidating and analyzing business KPIs for all indirect and direct E-Commerce EMEA activities.

Before that, as an E-Commerce Project Manager, I contibuted to leading the direct-to-consumer online business at Beauty website. As a versatile member of a small E-Commerce team, I would work on all topics and streams related to a DTC e-commerce business: commercial offer, exclusive services, content management, recruitment and retention marketing efforts, customer relationship and performance analysis. Being passionate about creation and webdesign, I was also responsible for the creation of many of the assets, including the Brand’s monthly newsletters. I managed various projects to optimise the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), such as redesigning the e-shop and optimizing the product sheet and funnel.

With my wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, I am confident in my ability to provide valuable insights and guidance to any organization seeking to elevate their E-commerce and digital marketing efforts.

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